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Lafayette offers many ongoing enrichment activities throughout the school year.  Enrichment activities are supported by the Gifted and Talented program as well as BVSD.

Enrichment Opportunities Offered by the Lafayette Elementary GT Office

Lafayette offers many ongoing enrichment activities throughout the school year.  Enrichment activities are supported by the GT program. They are sponsored by teachers.  

Some of these programs are: 
Chess Club - Currently students 3–5 participate in our after-school chess program. Beginning and intermediate levels of play are offered. Through small group coaching beginning players learn strategic moves that help improve their level of play. Intermediate students develop strategies that enhance their level of play. 

Geography Bee - 4th and 5th grade students participate in the National GeoBee sponsored by National Geographic Magazine.

Spelling Bee - Both primary and intermediate students participate in a spelling bee at Lafayette Elementary. The school winner from the intermediate division then moves on to the Boulder Valley District Spelling Bee. Winners may go as far as the state and national level bees.

Other Co-Curricular Opportunities for enrichment offered at Lafayette Elementary:

Choir - The Lafayette Cougar Pride Choir is a diverse, non-auditioned group of singers from grades 3-5 who perform for the school and community throughout the year. Cougar Pride members perform songs in many languages and musical styles as they consistently strive for excellence.

Outdoor Education - Fifth grade students participate in an outdoor education program that provides opportunities to experience real life ecology structures and connections to the outdoors through an overnight outing with teachers and parents.

Lifelong Learning Programs

BVSD Lifelong Learning offers a way for kids to expand their knowledge without having to worry about grades or homework. After the school bell rings or during the summer, students can switch gears from core curriculum to their choice of creative, active and/or brain building options. Igniting a spark outside of the classroom can improve children’s attitude toward school and boost their self-confidence. Best of all, Lifelong Learning reinvests 100% of its profits back into BVSD.