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Principal's Message

Welcome to Lafayette Elementary School!


Dear Parents,

I became the principal of Lafayette Elementary School in the 2010-2011 school year.

My journey to this point in time began in 1996 when, after teaching for a year in New Jersey, I moved to Boulder to work on my Master’s Degree in literacy and to enjoy climbing the beautiful mountains. During my time in Colorado, I worked in Adams County School District 14 as a Literacy Specialist and Title I Literacy Coordinator. Being in these leadership roles helped me realize that I wanted to become a principal. I returned to the elementary classroom for three years while I worked on my principal’s license. Prior to joining Boulder Valley School District, I was the Principal of Skyline Vista Elementary School in Adams County School District 50 for five years. 

Even though I began my teaching career over 22 years ago, I believe I have the excitement and enthusiasm of a brand new leader. One of my favorite stories from my first teaching experience was that I was charged the student price for lunch for the first few months because I looked as old as my fifth graders.   

Family is very important to me and I look forward to continuing to get to know all of the Lafayette families better. My husband, Matt, two children, Sammy and Leda, and Jersey, our dog, live in Louisville. My mom, otherwise known as Granny Pat, lives in Lafayette.  It’s wonderful to see our students and families in the community and around town every day.

I mentioned earlier that I came to Colorado to climb, however I don’t get to the rocks and mountains as much as I used to. Fortunately, running is another favorite activity of mine and this can be done at any time in the day which helps with a busy schedule. I have run over 12 marathons including running the Boston Marathon in 2001 and 2005. My most recent marathon was the California International Marathon I ran in 2019. 

My focus is on Lafayette students and helping all of our students exceed their potential. In May and August of each year, Lafayette Elementary reviews student data and progress toward school goals to determine the focus for each year. We take pride in having a school culture that is committed to continuous improvement. The partnership we have with our parents is an integral part in helping us achieve our goals. Your input and insights are extremely important. Please visit or set up an appointment any time during the year to celebrate, share ideas or concerns, and/or ask questions.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be the principal of Lafayette and member of this wonderful community.  Please contact me anytime at or at 720-561-8900. 


Stephanie Jackman