Jenny Wise


    Masters in Visual Arts: UNC: Emphasis in Art History and Ceramics. B.A. from Scripps College: Latin American Studies.

    13 years teaching Visual Art in Boulder Valley Schools. 4 years teaching as a supervising teacher to student teachers from UNC. 3 years teaching high school and middle school art at Monarch High and Manhattan Middle School. 4 years teaching art in Spanish and English at University Hill Bilingual School. Part time elementary art teaching positions at Emerald Elementary, Community Montessori, Aspen Creek K-8. 2016 is my first year at Lafayette Elementary.

    I display and sell my artwork annually at the Dairy Center for Performing Arts and through private sales. I paint watercolor landscapes, pet and family portraits, functional and decorative pottery off the electric wheel and hand-built garden fountains and sculptures, and have been creating large scale silk paintings and batik banners for decades.  My ten-year-old son has inspired me to learn more about digital art and movie-making through i-movie and Photoshop. I am an avid nature and portrait photographer and drive my son and family crazy taking pictures! I spend my summers alternately covered in dirt and flowers in my garden or dripping wet from swimming and hiking in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana.

    It is so inspiring as an artist to witness my students' growth and confidence over six years during their elementary years. As a high school teacher I noticed many students were skilled at copying and complying yet terrified of an open-ended assignment. Many of the art teachers statewide with whom I collaborate through Art Source, a teacher advocacy group of Colorado Art Educators, teachers I meet at Colorado Art Educators Association, graduate level classes in Choice-Based learning and within our district level Curriculum Council share with me one wish: for the development of confidence in envisioning unique ideas and plans. These are 21st Century Learner skills that our national standards and district standards require: Invent and discover to create. Reflect and critique to transfer. The more choice in materials and composition allows for the deepest learning. Creative envisioning takes practice and time.

    These experienced secondary teachers share with me that their greatest wish for the elementary skill set to develop for future mastery as a mature artist is the creativity muscle to believe in their own abilities to come up with and develop their own unique voice, vision and ideas. It is my privilege and honor to teach students vital skills and techniques in many media with examples and instruction inspired by Art History throughout the world and many cultures. I aim to develop lessons to inspire them and give them skills. Then it is the students' responsibility and joy to apply these skills in unique ways and with as many choices as possible. I offer choice studios for the students to learn to care for in order to cultivate curiosity, exploration, skill development and confidence into unique individual vision and artistic voice.