Elaine Perry

    Special Education; Support
    I’ve learned children are like sponges absorbing the world around. I enjoy seeing them grow into themselves and their community. Every day at work I hope they will absorb something useful for their future and when this happens, I love my job even more.

    One year at Western State College, then an additional year at FRCC working on a degree in Early Childhood development and education. Also I have taken various classes for Intensive Special Education including childhood autism, CPI, First Aid and CPR. 

    ​I have a myriad of experience. I am the mother of three. All together, I have 9 years working in Special Education, with 4 years in the ICAN, SIED Program and 5 years in the Intensive Sped-Ed program, all here at Lafayette Elementary. I feel that a lot of my education came hands-on from teachers I have worked for and students I have come to know and work with.

    I have been at Lafayette Elementary since2002-Present Day; before that I worked four years in the ICAN, SIED Program; 6 years working in the Intensive Sped-Ed program. 

    My personal interests include family, friends, swimming, reading, building 1000pc puzzles, being involved in my women book groups, and going to my church. You may be familiar with my addiction to Facebook. I also enjoy going to Rockies games and cheering on the Denver Broncos. 

    ​Working and being a part of the community at Lafayette Elementary is a pleasure everyday. We are like a family and the pride that shines through for our students and for each other make it the best possible place to work and learn.​