Barbara Watson

    4th grade

    I am very excited to welcome my new students to fourth grade. My name is Barb Watson, and this is my 10th year teaching at Lafayette Elementary School. However, I have been teaching grade school for 31 years both here in Colorado, and before that in the UK.


    I was born in Bristol, England. I have two brothers and a sister who still live there. I have two sons who are all grown up. They are called Matt and Greg. I am about to marry Tony Stoughton, on  September 1st, but will keep my professional name, Mrs. Watson, at school. I have two pets: Brinkley my dog, and Cassandra Boots, my peanut-of-a-cat. I moved to Louisville in 1997. I love living in Colorado, and make the most of living in this wonderful state. I became a citizen in 2010.


    My Bachelor’s degree was a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. I then worked as a Research Assistant for four years, teaching undergraduates at the University of Plymouth in England, before deciding that teaching children was really my calling. I went to postgraduate school to become an elementary teacher and have never looked back. I was an administrator for 3 years, between 2006 and 2009, which was challenging and interesting. But there is no substitute, in my opinion, for being in the classroom with eager young minds.


    I love teaching all areas of the curriculum, and enjoy watching my students grow and blossom through the school year. I have a special passion for teaching science and math, and believe strongly in learning through inquiry and investigation. I believe that all students can learn far more than they think they are capable of. I set the bar high, and expect students to give it their best effort to reach their full potential.


    My interests and hobbies include: reading, writing, poetry, gardening, swimming, golf and cooking. I have been skydiving three times, and have spent quite some time learning how to fly a Cessna aircraft. I’m looking forward to embracing new life adventures over the next few years.


    Welcome to my class! Welcome to fourth grade. I am very excited to get started on a new school year. I am sure we will soar to new heights together!