Parent Opportunities

    ​The Lafayette Elementary School GT Office works closely with parents of gifted students, providing numerous opportunities for learning more about meeting their children’s needs.

    GT Parent Night - Four general information meetings for parents of GT students are scheduled throughout the year. Parents are invited to participate in discussions concerning the GT program, various GT topics, and a question-and-answer session with the GT staff. For parents who have specific questions or concerns about their individual student, they are strongly encouraged to contact the GT Office to schedule a personal appointment to discuss any issues.

    Back-to-School Night - An information meeting for current and prospective parents of GT students is held in the fall during the Lafayette Elementary School’s Back-to-School Night. Parents are given a packet of information about nomination and identification procedures. This is an opportunity to gain background information about our GT program and ask questions.

    Multi-Exceptional GT Students - As the staff at Lafayette Elementary School learned how to better meet the needs of our multi-exceptional students, parents were able to meet and discuss their issues at an evening workshop with Dr. Maureen Neihart, a nationally known and respected leader in this field. The evening was sponsored by the District GT Office and held at Lafayette Elementary School because of our focus on Gifted and Talented Education. We hope to be the center of more district-wide parent events such as this one.

    Personal Conferences - After a student completes the identification process, parents may meet with the GT Coordinator to review testing results and discuss any issues of concern.

    Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) -Advanced learning plans are shared with families during parent-teacher conferences. The GT Coordinator and GTAdvisor work with classroom teachers to develop goals for all GT identified students. Parents are actively involved in establishing learning goals for their students for the current school year, and they are given an opportunity to ask questions about their child’s ALP.

    SENG – Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted - SENG groups are guided parent discussion groups held usually once a week for seven weeks. Topics covered include: Identification, Motivation, Discipline, Stress Management, Depression, Communication of Feelings, Peer Relationships, Sibling Rivalry, Tradition Breaking, and Parent Relationships. These discussion groups help parents gain a better understanding of their gifted children and provide tools to work with them more effectively. It gives parents the opportunity to look at their child’s behavior from new perspectives and helps them to gain insight into their child’s motivations. It is a forum for sharing experiences with other parents. The result is more confidence and responsiveness for parents, validation and support for children, and a happier, better connected family. SENG groups meet in 7 weekly sessions. Registration is required. To find out more information or to register, email:

    Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented - A local affiliate of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented - offers speaker programs on topics of interest for families with gifted children.  For questions or information please email Lisa Chinnery (

    Additional Parent Resources

    BVSD GT website - The school district web site dedicated to GT programming.

    BVGT - The Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented organization is a local group of parents and educators who advocate for the academic and affective needs of GT individuals.

    SENG​ (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) groups - The BVSD Office of Advanced Academic Services offers support groups to parents of GT students that meet for 7 weeks. For a list of current and upcoming groups, visit the BVSD Office of Advanced Academic Service or contact the Lafayette GT office.