Talented & Gifted (TAG) Focus Program


    The Lafayette Talented and Gifted (TAG) program provides stude​nts with challenging academic experiences based on their abilities and needs. Individualized identification methods are used to recognize the unique abilities of students from our diverse population. Lafayette Elementary places students in assessment-based learning groups, which are taught by qualified classroom teachers, as well as a full-time TAG Coordinator and additional TAG staff. For example, TAG-identified students may be placed in high-ability groups according to their individual needs for math and literacy. Other current research- and teaching-based models are also incorporated into the classrooms to provide a differentiated, challenging learning experience. As a result of individualized instruction in our talented and gifted program, students will be prepared to take advantage of advanced academic opportunities in middle and high school.

    Lafayette Elementary also offers a variety of enrichment and competitive opportunities for all students to seek out areas of interest and challenge that enhance the traditional school day. These before- and after-school activities are coordinated by the TAG office. Because of our TAG-focus designation, Lafayette Elementary provides a qualitatively unique educational experience for every child. In addition to funding these before- and after-school activities, the TAG program provides financial support for teachers. This includes purchasing new curriculum materials and supplies as well as funding professional development such as paying for conference fees for workshops focused on gifted education.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to be active participants in their child's educational experience through a number of parent opportunities.​

    TAG Office
    TAG Coordinator - Julie Marquez - julie.marquez@bvsd.org - (720) 561-8938

    TAG Teacher - Melinda Karshner - melindakarshner@bvsd.org​ - (720) 561-8938

    TAG Educational Advisor - Cindy Olsen - cindy.olsen@bvsd.org - (720) 561-8914