Who Are GT Students

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.
    ~ Albert Einstein
    ​​Gifted children think differently than other children.
    • They see relationships and patterns that others miss.
    • They learn at an accelerated pace.
    • They are intellectually stimulated by complexity.
    • They have precocious reasoning ability usually seen in older children.
    • They may be extraordinarily sensitive and insightful about events that other children don't notice.
    • They almost always have a prodigious memory.

    Do you know a child who should be tested?  

    Anyone can nominate a child to be evaluated for the TAG program. Please contact the TAG office for more information.

    A Bright CHILD...
    A Gifted CHILD...
     Knows the answers Asks the questions 
     Is interested Is highly curious

    Is attentive Is mentally and physically involved

    Has good ideas Has wild and silly ideas

    Works hard
    Plays around, yet tests well

    Answers the questions
    Discusses in detail, elaborates

    Is in the top group
    Is beyond the group

    Listens with interest
    Shows strong feelings and opinions

    Learns with ease
    Already knows

    Needs 6 to 8 repetitions for mastery
    Needs 1 to 2 repetitions for mastery

    Understands ideas
    Constructs abstractions

    Enjoys peers
    Prefers adults

    Grasps the meaning
    Draws inferences

    Completes assignments
    Initiates projects

    Is receptive
    Is intense

    Copies accurately
    Creates a new design

    Enjoys school
    Enjoys learning

    Absorbs information
    Manipulates information

    Is a technician
    Is an inventor

    Is a good memorizer
    Is a good guesser

    Enjoys straight-forward, sequential presentation
    Thrives on complexity

    Is alert
    Is keenly observant

    Is pleased with own learning
    Is self-critical
    Source: Janice Szabos, Challenge Magazine, 1989, Issue 34