School Accountability Committee (SAC)


    The mission of the School Accountability Committee (SAC) is to address existing goals and develop new appropriate goals. 

    The committee consists of:
    •Lafayette Elementary staff members
    •Lafayette Elementary parents

    The state-mandated SAC oversees the development of school goals as required by the State of Colorado and fulfilled by the annual Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) (See link to the current plan below). Goals are created and assessed in the following areas that are vital to a successful learning environment:
    •School Operation
    •All meetings held in the multipurpose room
    •Visitors welcome to join us and learn more about what we do!

    Stephanie Jackman, Principal 720-561-8900

    SAC Resources
    School Accountability Committee Manual -- Combined Revisions 6-22

    District Accountability Committee
    The SAC follows the lead of the BVSD District Accountability Committee

    Parent's Role in Accountability
    Parents are full partners in decisions that affect children and families.

    SAC Video - View vide o for description of the SIT (.mov)
    SAC Video - View video for audio description of SIT team (.wmv)

    Contact Information

    Contact Information
    SAC Chair:
    Stephanie Wilson
    Contact Stephanie 

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Interested in learning more details about our SAC committee? Read our FAQs.
    Q: What is the SAC?
    A: The School Accountability Committee is a state-mandated team comprised of LES staff members, LES parents, and community members from Lafayette. This team is responsible for developing and managing progress on the school's annual goals. A term that is used for this process is "accountability". The SAC answers to the District Accountability Committee annually for a review of the school's progress on existing goals and development of appropriate new goals.

    Q: Who comprises the SAC?
    A: Currently, our SAC has both staff and parent members. We are accountable for expanding our membership to include a varied group of staff members, demographically representative parent members, and community members, and we are constantly at work to achieve this standard.

    Q: What is the value of SAC to Lafayette Elementary School?
    A: SAC oversees the development of goals as required by the State of Colorado. Goals are created and assessed in three areas that are vital to a successful learning environment: achievement, equity, and climate (or organization). Our SAC has worked hard to develop a process that involves as many voices as possible in the assessment and creation of these goals. BVSD provides a framework process for this task, and our team does the work so that LES has focused, optimistic, achievable goals in all three areas.

    SAC also provides accountability for the execution of the goals, by checking progress through assessments, surveys, and staff and parent input.

    Q: What are the goals of the group?

    A: It's not really one of our goals, but an expected result of our work is the annual "Unified Improvement Plan", which details our assessment of the previous year's goals, documents our research into what our goal areas will be for the current year, and then states the current year's goals in the areas of achievement, equity, and climate.

    The SAC submits updates on goal progress quarterly to the District Accountability Committee and participates in an on-site review every three years as part of the accreditation process. LES had an on-site review in 2007, and it was a great opportunity to see our school through the eyes of experts from around BVSD. They were thoughtful and inspiring as they offered congratulations for work well-done and encouraged us to dig deeper to discover practices that will best support our goals in the coming years.

    Q: How often does the committee meet?

    A: The team meets each month on a Tuesday from 2:45-3:45. Dates vary, please check the meeting schedule above. We have a full, rewarding agenda each month, and are fond of celebrating the successes of our process as well as taking on the challenges that emerge in the work. 

    Q: Is there a SAC at every school or is this unique to Lafayette Elementary?
    A: Every school in Colorado has a SAC, but it may go by another name. The basic idea is that each school has a representative group of stakeholders who oversee accountability to the district.